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‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ Includes Footage of ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Filming

The recent box-office hit Venom: Let There Be Carnage apparently captured part of a scene being shot for The Matrix Resurrections, reveals ScreenRant. According to Let there be Carnage location manager Christopher Kusiak, both films were being shot in San Francisco simultaneously, which led both to challenges and the capture of some helicopters shots with no extra cost for the Venom team.

During a scene of Let there be Carnage, Eddie Brock and Venom (Tom Hardy) are running away from the police on the top of San Francisco’s iconic Coit Tower. At this moment, helicopters are seen scouring the city, and it’s assumed those helicopters belong to the police. As it turns out, the helicopters were actually part of a The Matrix Resurrections scene being shot in another location in San Francisco, which turned out to be the perfect opportunity to include them in Venom with no extra cost. As Kusiak tells it, “The helicopters were actually on the Matrix movie. The Matrix was filming at the same time so we were catching part of their activity on camera.”


Image via Warner Bros.

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Even if catching the helicopters on film might’ve been a stroke of luck, filming two blockbusters in the same city also comes with its challenges. According to Kusiak, since The Matrix Resurrections started filming before the crew of Let There Be Carnage got to San Francisco, a lot of the planned sequences had to be changed at the last moment. In Kusiak’s words:

“Lots of stuff impacted filming. A lot of our driving shots went away because Matrix controlled all of downtown… We ended up moving a stunt up onto the top of the parking garage because we couldn’t get to the areas we wanted because of The Matrix. But if we would’ve been there first, it probably would’ve gone the other way.”

The highly-anticipated sequel of 2018’s Venom explores how Eddie Brock and Venom keep their symbiotic relationship working while trying to hold their life together. The movie also brought back an upgraded Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson) as the main villain after the killer fuses with his own superpowered symbiote, Carnage.

As for The Matrix Resurrections, the movie will bring the franchise back with Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss). Lana Wachowski directs The Matrix Resurrections from a screenplay she wrote with David Mitchell and Aleksander Hemon.

After plenty of delays, Venom: Let There Be Carnage hit theaters on October 1. The Matrix Resurrections will be released in theaters and on HBO Max on December 22.

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