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RG3 joining ESPN could give the network a spark

RG3 is reportedly joining ESPN as an analyst.

RG3 is reportedly joining ESPN as an analyst.
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The ESPN NFL booth just got a little more interesting this year.

It was reported today by Ian Rapoport of NFL Network that Robert Griffin III is stepping into the booth to become a broadcaster.

Griffin, who was a backup for the Baltimore Ravens behind Lamar Jackson the past three seasons, still wanted to play in the league. However, he wasn’t able to agree to a deal with a team before ESPN came with the bag for him. There is a clause in the ESPN deal that allows Griffin an out if a team wants to offer him a deal in the future but for the former Offensive Rookie of the Year, this seems to be his new path.

Griffin has never been scared to say exactly what’s on his mind and he’s not afraid to do him. He’s gotten into his fair share of Twitter battles and has become a polarizing figure to some people in the Black community for some of his comments,

The most recent one being this tweet about his wife.

ESPN needs a spark to liven up its NFL broadcasts, so they are taking the chance that RG3 is just that. Watching him on a Monday Night Football broadcast could get real spicy, real fast — especially if they are doing a Minnesota Vikings game.

Griffin has not been shy about throwing shade at Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins in the past.

The two have history going back to their days in Washington when Cousins took over the job from RG3 because of Griffin’s extensive injury history.

If Griffin continues to keep it as real as he seemingly does naturally in real life, he likely won’t need to suit up in the league again. In a couple of years, he can potentially ask for a Tony Romo-level deal if he proves adept at being on camera.

With CBS locking up Romo and NBC signing Drew Brees to their squad, ESPN had to do something else besides relying on Booger McFarland to stop “Boogering up” broadcasts.

Griffin will be an intriguing addition to ESPN, let’s see if he can give them the spark they desperately need.


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