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PES Replacement eFootball Gameplay Leaks & Fans Aren’t Impressed

Leaked footage of Pro Evolution Soccer replacement eFootball is making the rounds online; fans aren’t impressed by what’s on display, either.

Footage of PES successor eFootball recently leaked online and widespread criticism shows fans aren’t pleased. Konami announced the monumental change in July, detailing a content release model that will allow the storied sports series previously known as Pro Evolution Soccer to venture into the free-to-play territory.

The eFootball-branded soccer game will launch later this month on PC, last-gen, and current-gen consoles in digital form. To the chagrin of many a fan, a boxed retail iteration of the title will not hit store shelves. Such a shift allows Konami to explore a supposedly “revolutionary soccer platform,” bolstered by a new engine, reworked controls, and rebuilt animation system. On top of the free-to-play model, eFootball will also support cross-platform play at an undetermined time in the future. But what about the quality of the experience itself? Thanks to recent leaks, that part of the equation is now being called into question.

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Chinese YouTube channel Great Game (via VGC) recently posted 11 minutes of eFootball gameplay; though the footage is off-screen, a number of graphical and performance hiccups appear easy enough to spot. As a result, fans have taken to the comments of the video and social media to express disappointment in the leaked gameplay. Some comments note, for instance, that a few cutscenes seem recycled from older PES entries. Player collisions have come under scrutiny, too, due in large part to hitches in animations. Frame rate-related issues sparked quite the backlash, as well. While some viewers posit the leaked footage was derived from a PS4 build, others think supposed PS5/Series X|S features such as infrequent transitions and no loading times indicate this version is actually running on current-gen hardware.

Since little to nothing is known about the above footage from Great Game, it’s worth remembering the gameplay could stem from an older build of eFootball. But fans remain skeptical about this new direction for the long-running sports franchise, regardless. By this month’s end, we’ll have a better sense of whether or not such concerns are warranted.

The PES sports sim originally hit the scene in 1995. Commercially speaking, the brand has long sat on the losing end of the rivalry with Electronic Arts’ FIFA series, which, despite ongoing concerns over in-game purchases, continues to dominate globally.

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Konami’s eFootball launches digitally on September 30 for PC via Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S platforms.

Source: Great Game/YouTube via VGC

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