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Kevin Durant and Draymond Green show unrivaled pettiness after gold medal win

KD and Draymond had THOUGHTS on Kendrick Perkins.

KD and Draymond had THOUGHTS on Kendrick Perkins.
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After leading Team USA to a fourth straight gold medal in the Tokyo Olympic games, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green took to social media to exact a little revenge on all the “haters” who’d predicted their demise just days earlier.

The love-hate duo posted a video gloating about the victory over France and directed at all the talking heads and writers who they thought had it out for them and the rest of Team USA during the summer games. One hater specifically got the brunt of their fervor, former NBA player and current ESPN hoops analyst Kendrick Perkins.

“This skill is unmatched you dig,” said Durant. Well, so is this display of pettiness from KD and Green. Meanwhile, Perkins is just eating up all the mentions and attention he’s received from the gold medal winners.

The amount of petty in this video surely isn’t a shock to anyone. It’s like they went all MJ Hall of Fame speech on Perk. Let it go bros, let it go! Durant’s sensitivity shines through in the video and Green is the loudmouth overbearing cherry on top.

Perkins, not being one to back down, fired off his rounds at the duo in a response of his own.

“Imagine winning a Gold Medal for your country and the first name you UTTER walking to the Locker room is KENDRICK PERKINS,” he said on Twitter. “WOW! I appreciate it fellas and congrats on winning the Gold! Carry the hell on.” Perkins replied.

This certainly isn’t the first time the two former teammates have taken their war of words to a social media platform. These guys have engaged in Twitter battles in the past and neither man is shy about letting their true feelings be known via social media. Or in Perk’s case on tv every day.

This is just the latest chapter to a book that doesn’t look to have any end in sight.

It feels like Durant and Perkins stay at each other’s necks for whatever reason. So, there is no doubt we have not heard the last of this rivalry by any means.


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