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Monday, October 18, 2021

Joni Ernst’s Attack On Biden’s Vaccine Mandates Has People Saying, ‘Wait, What?’

“They are leading by coercion,” Ernst railed Friday against the Biden White House’s sweeping directives on Fox News, joining the chorus of GOP criticism leveled against the plans that seek to end the pandemic.

“And I would agree with the point that is being made by so many of my colleagues that this is a diversion, away from 9/11,” Ernst continued. “And away from the 20th anniversary, and away from the debacle that was his Afghanistan withdrawal.”

On Ernst’s 9/11 comments, critics on Twitter issued a collective, “huh?”

Some also reminded Ernst that Biden will spend the landmark anniversary visiting all three crash sites. Former President Donald Trump, meanwhile, will be commentating on Evander Holyfield’s boxing comeback.


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