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BIP: Deandra Kanu Calls Out Pieper James’ Production Blaming Statement

Pieper posted a statement following Monday night’s drama on BIP. Deandra called out her statement and claims her conversations with Brendan were real.

Following Monday night’s drama on Bachelor In Paradise, Deandra Kanu called out Pieper James on Instagram after she made a statement ultimately blaming production for putting her in a negative light. During the new episode of the hit ABC dating show, contestants James and Brendan Morais made themselves look like villains after they admitted that they were seeing each other before filming the show. Before James entered the beach, Morais was coupled up with Natasha Parker, who he connected with on the first day of paradise.

During a private conversation between James and Morais, it was clear that their main focus on the show was to gain clout and Instagram followers. The two were posting problematic Instagram captions and TikToks about the drama until they started losing followers and fans called out James and Morais’ bad behavior. On Tuesday, Pieper posted a statement on her Instagram story claiming that reality television isn’t real and is edited to the point that full conversations aren’t aired. “At the end of the day it’s a tv show,” James said. “We the viewers are shown what makes the best television, just as any show. And folk what we have here is a very successful show,” she added. Not once in the statement did James apologize for her actions, but instead deflected from the situation.

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James’ statement wasn’t fooling anyone in Bachelor Nation, especially fellow contestant Kanu who called her out on her Instagram story. In a six-part video, Kanu stated that contestants need to start taking ownership of their own actions while filming. “There’s no greenscreen manipulation to your mouth,” Kanu said. “So anything that you say that is coming out of your mouth, that is you. If you feel forced into saying something, that’s more speaking to your character than anything else,” she added.

Towards the end of her “hot take“, Kanu felt that in this particular instance, there wasn’t much that production could edit or manipulate between Morais and James’ conversations. “I feel like we were seeing real conversations that happened. It was reality. Ya feel,” Kanu said. Both Morais and James have been receiving a lot of hate over the internet, so Kanu followed up her video rant with a mini text statement of her own claiming that she made those comments not to “bully or harass” anyone but instead to “reiterate not to invalidate the other feelings of people.

It seems like recent contestants on Bachelor In Paradise don’t seem to understand the difference between making good television but also following the rules and knowing the purpose of the show. Like Demi Burnett, for example. She knows the rules of the show but also understands how to stir the pot while filming to keep viewers entertained. Morais and James clearly did not play their cards right and Bachelor Nation is not here for it.

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Source: Pieper James/ Instagram, Deandra Kanu/ Instagram

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