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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Admit it: Josh Christopher’s Steph Curry diss tweets were pretty funny

Yeah, he dunked on him.

Yeah, he dunked on him.
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Josh Christopher was the No. 24 overall pick in the 2021 Draft out of Arizona State just weeks ago.

On the day before a summer league game against the Detroit Pistons, someone went and did the thing where they got bored and just dug up old tweets — and Christopher was the victim. Apparently he used to kill Steph Curry on Twitter when he was a kid! And, in case you felt old reading that, Christopher was born three months after 9-11, according to his Wiki.

The Houston Chronicle found the old tweets, many of which have since been taken down, but reportedly read as follows.

“Saying Steph Curry is the greatest hooper on earth is almost equivalent to putting Lil B in your top 5 rappers…It just doesn’t add up..” — Josh(ua) Christopher (@Jaygup23) May 10, 2016.

“God says the truth shall come to the light and Steph Curry is looking really dark right now???😂😂”

— Josh(ua) Christopher (@Jaygup23) May 25, 2016

There are a couple that are still up as well.

Now, two things. First, Lil’ B … The BasedGod, if you didn’t know. And if you don’t, if you weren’t outside, it’ll be hard to explain. Our editors, for example, probably have no idea who that is. (Ed. note: C’mon, son… I’ve at least heard of him 👴🏼— RO)

But, though he got killed by some at the time, in hindsight, we like Lil’ B now, don’t we? Even so, I think some may still acknowledge that if you do have Lil’ B in your top five, that’s fairly abnormal. And even if you did in 2016, it’s fair to have some questions about your listening habits, as influential as he turned out to be. Summertime ‘06, To Pimp a Butterfly, 90059, Shadow of a Doubt, Dirty Sprite 2, and King Push – Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude all came out the year before, among others. Always shoutout to Lil’ B, though.

Secondly, who cares? Let Christopher rock (was that … is that a pun? If it sounded like it, just move on — it wasn’t intentional). As awesome as Curry is, a lot of this shit was funny. Tweeting out “God says the truth shall come to the light and Steph Curry is looking really dark right now???😂😂” — as a 14-year-old — is fire. The above use of the Rougned Odor punching José Bautisa was excellent. And his tweet about the Curry Under Armours, which we’ve all made fun of, is fuckin’ hilarious. Curry might even find all this shit funny even though Christopher took ‘em down, later tweeting out his justification being a die-hard LeBron James fan, and removing that as well. Still, it was all harmless.

That said, whenever the Golden State Warriors play the Rockets for the first time this season, we should be locked in. Curry will probably do Curry things and share a laugh with Christopher after, and it’ll be nothing. Christopher himself is a talented wing with high potential, even projected to be Jrue Holiday-ish, according to some reports.


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